London and Southwark Inventories 1316-1650: A Handlist of Extents for Debts

Martha Carlin
Institute of Historical Research
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Household and commercial inventories are among the most evocative of sources for economic and social historians. They are especially important to those studying the medieval and early modern periods, since they can provide valuable evidence for many aspects of daily or economic life that are otherwise poorly recorded.

An extensive collection of medieval and early modern inventories of defaulting mercantile debtors in the Public Record Office has been little used. There are three overlapping collections of such debtors' inventories in the classes known as 'Extents for Debts' (C131, C239 and DL23).

This volume seeks to provide a handlist of all extents concerning real and personal property in the city of London and in Southwark. There are 1904 entries in all, dating from 1316 to 1650, with indexes to names, places, status and occupations of nearly 1600 individual debtors. It should be of interest and value to students of a wide range of disciplines.

'For London historians of the period covered this book provides them with access to a potential goldmine' — The Local Historian
'...Dr Carlin's book provides a powerful springboard to anyone studying the lands and material possessions of Londoners, and those who held property in London and Southwark, in the late medieval and early modern period, which will save many hours of speculative research.' — The London Journal

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ISBN 1 871348. Paperback. xxvii, 103pp.
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Published: Dec 1997 ISBN: 1871348