Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516

Samanatha Letters, Mario Fernandes, Derek Keene, Olwen Myhill
Institute of Historical Research
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This is the printed version of the Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs to 1516 which is available online. It is a catalogue that aims to provide systematic information regarding the establishment and operation of markets and fairs in England and Wales from c.900 onwards. Every reference to a market or fair in the source material has been recorded. This includes both prescriptive (generally the oldest, which were held by established custom) and granted markets and fairs, which were usually held by virtue of a royal charter.

The English gazetteer is arranged by county, and then by place in alphabetical order; the Welsh gazetteer is arranged by place. Standard information is provided for each place, including an eight figure grid reference; whether the place was a medieval borough or had a mint in the Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Norman periods (it is assumed that such places operated as centres of trade and had a market); its assessed value in the 1334 lay subsidy; whether the market or fair survived in the sixteenth century; and references to fuller accounts of its history. Over 2,300 places that had a market and/or a fair are listed listed.

The Gazetteer is a major reference work which will become a primary research tool for historians, historical geographers, economists, archaeologists and others. It will be of particular use to those undertaking local studies. The appeal of the Gazetteer will extend beyond those interested in the medieval period, as the markets and fairs established at this time formed the core of the network which survived into the sixteenth century and beyond.

Published by the List and Index Society
Paperback, 297x210mm; 529pp.

Sample material from the Gazetteer can be found here.

Published: Aug 2003