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Legal Education and Scholarship – Past, Present and Future

20 October 2010, 14:00 - 19:00

Past: Raymond Cocks on “The New Associate Member from the University of Khartoum” Wesley Pue on “Undead Legal Scholarship: the Curious Lives of a Contract Treatise” David Sugarman on “A Special Relationship?  The Reciprocal Interplay between English and American Legal Scholarship and Education, c. 1950-1980” Present: Fiona Cownie on “Twining, Teachers of Law and Teaching” Hilary Sommerlad, on “Diversity, Merit and Social Closure: What Can Legal Education Do?” Future: Anthony Bradney on “British University Law Schools in an Age of Austerity” Paul Maharg on “A Portrait of the Law School as Realist Kindergarten” Followed by: A response from William Twining  
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Please click here for a copy of the programme and booking form for Legal Education and Scholarship

This Workshop explores theoretical and empirical aspects of legal education and scholarship; what law schools and legal scholarship are for, and what they should be for. The Workshop is in honour of William Twining, the doyen of the English law school, who has made a signal contribution to the study of law from a broad perspective.

Workshop Leaders: Professor Avrom Sherr, Director, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, and Professor David Sugarman, Director, Centre for Law and Society, Lancaster University.

REGISTRATION:  If you wish to attend please complete and return the registration form  together with the workshop fee to: Belinda Crothers, IALS, Email: Belinda.Crothers@sas.ac.uk

FEES: Full: £20.00.  Academic:  £15.00.  Student £10.00.

The Workshop is sponsored by the Centre for Law and Society, Lancaster University and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London

The Reception is sponsored by Hart Publishing

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