Catharism: Balkan Heresy or Construct of a Persecuting Society?

18 April 2013, 10:30 - 19 April 2013 18:00

P. Biller (University of York), Keynote Lecture: ‘A Questionnaire for Studying “Cathars”’ The Balkans and Western Heresy B. Hamilton and Y. Stoyanov (SOAS, University of London): ‘Cathar Links with the Balkans: the Evidence Reconsidered’ C. Taylor (University of Nottingham), ‘Balkan Bogomilism and Catharism in Current Western Scholarship’ A. Roach (University of Glasgow), ‘Who were the Balkan Bogomils, and with whom were they connected?’ D. L. d’Avray (UCL), ‘Cathars on Marriage and their Debt to Balkan Bogomils’. J. Feuchter (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), ‘”Cathars” versus Waldensians: Heresies with and without Question Marks’. Orthodox Images of Heresy J. Arnold (Birkbeck College, University of London), ‘Thinking about Heresy in the Thirteenth Century: Benedict of Alignans Tractatus Fidei’. L. Sackville (Exeter College Oxford), ‘The Textbook Heretic: Thirteenth Century Theology and Heresy’. M. Pegg (Washington University in St. Louis), ‘Heresy and the Meaning of Religion’. S. Hamilton (University of Exeter), ‘Augustine’s Influence on Anti-Heretical Writing in the Central Middle Ages’. Action against ‘Cathars’. R. Rist (University of Reading), ‘Heretics and Heresy in Papal Correspondence’. C. Bruschi (University of Birmingham), ‘Converted Turned Inquisitors and the Image of the Adversary: Rainier Sacconi Explans Cathars’. J. Théry (Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier 3), ‘Localism, anticlericalism, evangelism : motives for ’heretical’ resistance to the Roman Catholic Church’s order in Languedoc (ca. 1130-ca. 1320.)’ For further information and to register please email Dr Antonio Sennis: The conference is free of charge.
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Warburg Institute
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Conference hosted by:  The Warburg Institute (18 April) and UCL (19 April)

Organised by: David d’Avray and Antonio Sennis (UCL)

Please note registration and coffee will be from 10.30 on 18 April and the conference will begin at 11.00

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