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Minorities and Nationalism in Turkish Law

31 January 2013, 17:45 - 19:45

Dr Derya Bayιr. Chair: Dr Alexandra Xanthaki, Brunel University.
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Charles Clore House
17 Russell Square


In her new book Dr Bayιr considers the on-going dilemma of the management of diversity in Turkey from a historical and legal perspective. She argues that the state’s failure to accommodate ethno-religious diversity is attributable to the founding philosophy of Turkish nationalism and its heavy penetration into the socio-political and legal fibre of the country. Dr Bayιr examines the articulation and influence of the founding principle in law and in the higher courts’ jurisprudence in relation to the concepts of nation, citizenship, and minorities. In so doing, she adopts a sceptical approach to the claim that Turkey has a civic nationalist state, not least on the grounds that the legal system is generously littered by references to the Turkish ethnie and to Sunni Islam. She also argues that the nationalist stance of the Turkish state and legal system has created a legal discourse which is at odds with the justification of minority protection given in international law, and she demonstrates that a reconstruction of the founding philosophy of the state and the legal system is necessary, without which any solution to the dilemmas of managing diversity would be inadequate.

Dr Derya Bayιr is the author of Minorities and Nationalism in Turkish Law (Ashgate, 2013). Her interests include international human rights and minority rights, law and religion, the Turkish legal system, and Ottoman pluralism. She obtained her doctorate from QMUL, and her thesis was awarded a prize by the LSE Contemporary Turkish Studies Chair.  Dr Bayιr has litigated many cases before the European Court of Human Rights.

This event is FREE but those wishing to attend should register in advance.  To register, please use the automatic form below. 

Organised by GLOCUL: Centre for Culture and Law, ar Queen Mary, University of London, with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

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