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Lessons drawn from the Khulumani (Apartheid) ACTA case: an international law perspective

19 February 2013, 18:00 - 19:30

Ingrid Gubbay, Head of Human Rights and Environmental Law, Hausfeld & Co LLP.
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Charles Clore House
17 Russell Square


This Khulumani Support Group for victims of apartheid sued five corporations for their role in South Africa during apartheid regime. Khulumani brought the case to the US and sued under the Alien Tort Claims Act (ACTA), which allows non-US citizens to charge grave offenders of human rights in a US federal court.

Ingrid Gubbay is currently head of Human Rights and Environmental Law in the claimant only law firm Hausfeld & Co LLP. Her role includes advising on various aspects of international and governing law issues on global cases and investigations being conducted in house, including in competition law. As a specialist claimant lawyer she has also had substantial input into a number of high level Government initiatives in the UK and EU aimed at developing accessible court procedures and affordability for claimants particularly on behalf of victims of human rights abuses by multinational companies operating abroad. She recently acted for the CORE coalition comprising 13 NGO’s in this regard , lobbying Government against the unintended impacts of the changes to the costs rules set to come into force in April 2013.

Prior to joining Hausfeld & Co, Ingrid was the legal advisor to the campaigns section of the largest Consumer Association in Europe, Which? on whose behalf she brought the UK’s first antitrust representative action for damages on behalf of consumers (direct purchasers) under new legal powers. In 2003 Ingrid taught the international human rights of woman course on the Essex University LLM course. She had an extensive background in practice and academia in Australia, as an in -house funded solicitor at the NSW Legal Aid Commission for five great years. There, she led test cases and group actions under the Federal Court Rules (Cmth), where it was deemed there was ‘a substantial benefit to the wider public’ for example, on extending the limitation periods for Aboriginal victims of the ‘Stolen Generation’. In 2010, She won an award for the most outstanding achievement in the 30 years history of the NSW Legal aid Commission for a group action which led to systemic change in the insurance sector in 1999.

She is a member of the British Institute of Advanced Comparative law (BIICL) and was an appointed member of the comparative law group of the UK Civil Justice Council (working on collective actions) from 2006-2009.

This event is FREE but those wishing to attend should register in advance.  To register, please use the automatic form below. 

Arranged with the Solicitors International Human Rights Group (SIHRG) and the Society for Advanced Legal Studies (SALS). 

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