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Call for Papers Deadline: Friday 17 April 2015
Time Institute Title Venue
09:30 IHR Teaching History in Higher Education


A recent analysis of ‘history teaching at its best’ in universities (Booth, 2014) has presented us with a clear picture of the issues we face as historians and an …

Call for Papers Deadline: Tuesday 7 April 2015
Time Institute Title Venue
IALS Anti-Democratic Ideology and Criminal Law under Fascist, National Socialist and Authoritarian Regimes

Outline and Call for Papers

Convenor:  Dr Stephen Skinner, Centre for European Legal Studies, University of Exeter.

The Fascist, National Socialist and other forms of authoritarian regimes that emerged in the twentieth century …

Call for Papers Deadline: Tuesday 31 March 2015
Time Institute Title Venue
11:00 ICwS Call for papers: Decolonisation and Colonial Legacies
10:30 ICwS CALL FOR PAPERS: Rhodesian UDI – 50 Years On. Change and Continuity in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. The Record since UDI in 1965.
Call for Papers Deadline: Tuesday 17 March 2015
Time Institute Title Venue
IES Language, Culture and Society in Russian/English Studies: 6th Conference

Organised and sponsored by the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Linguistics and The Journal of Philology. The conference is devoted to the …

Call for Papers Deadline: Friday 13 March 2015
Time Institute Title Venue
10:30 IHR Gender in War Captivity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

A one-day symposiumorganised by the Prisoner of War Networkin conjunction with Warwick Institute of Advanced Studyand the Institute of Historical Research.

The Prisoner of War Network invites abstracts for its 2015 symposium …

Call for Papers Deadline: Saturday 28 February 2015
Time Institute Title Venue
10:00 IMLR Interpreting Communities: Minority Writing in European Literary Fields

Call for Papers (closing date: 28 February 2015)

09:00 IES English Literary Heritage Conference

This interdisciplinary conference aims to consider the interpretation of literary heritage objects in archives, museums and literary houses. It aims to stimulate an inclusive discussion about new and innovative ways to …


Young girl gazing over rubble

The Refugee Law Initiative is pioneering a distance learning course on refugee and migration studies to play its part in addressing the problems caused by the escalating global refugee crisis.




Law and Information Policy Workshop: Information flows and dams

24th February 2015

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies