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The School's extensive programme of events offers our national subject communities opportunities to disseminate their research to the widest possible audience.

Each year over 68,000 participants from around the world attend over 1,800 events - from seminars, lectures and workshops to major international conferences in the humanities and related social sciences.

The majority of our events are free and open to everyone and do not require advance booking.

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Wednesday 23 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
10:00 Institute of Musical Research Arditti Quartet Composition Workshop

To be held at Milton Court, Silk Street, Barbican, London

Led by Hilda Paredes

Following an international call to early-career composers the panel selected the following works:

Lina Tonia                Chronographia

Matías Hancke           Silber/Strom

Martin Loridan           …

16:00 Institute of Modern Languages Research From Tragic to Love: Towards a Constellation of Antigone's Girls - CANCELLED

Director's Seminar

Admission free. All welcome

Room 246 (Senate House)
18:00 Institute of English Studies Theory Now
Room 243 (Senate House)
Thursday 24 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
09:00 Institute of Commonwealth Studies BRICS Project Workshop




Room G34 (Ground Floor)
13:30 Warburg Institute Astrolabes in Medieval Cultures

Organised by: Josefina Rodriguez-Arriba, Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute) and Stephen Johnston (Oxford Museum for the History of Science)

Warburg Institute
17:15 Institute of Historical Research Music, literature and education in St Mary at Hill in the sixteenth century

Venue:  Bedford Room, G37, ground floor

Room G37 (Ground Floor)
18:00 Institute of Commonwealth Studies India Election 2014 - Should the World Care?
The Chancellor's Hall (Senate House, first floor)
Friday 25 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
09:00 Institute of Historical Research BBC2: Origins; Influence; Audiences: A 50th Anniversary Conference

On the 20th April 1964 the BBC launched its second television channel: BBC2. Although the launch was a flop (due to a major power cut) the station soon became a fixture …

09:00 Human Rights Consortium Second Postgraduate Workshop on International Refugee Law

Please click here to see the programme.

To register for this event, please click here.

The Court Room (Senate House, first floor)
09:30 Institute of Classical Studies ICLS Greek Warfare Colloquium

ICS Colloquium on Greek Warfare.

Pre-registration is required:

Room G37 (Ground Floor)
16:30 Institute of Classical Studies ICLS Postgraduate Work in Progress
Law in Roman Arabia: A reconsideration of the Babatha and Salome Komaise archives
Room 243 (Senate House)
18:00 Institute of English Studies Ezra Pound Cantos Reading Group

Canto 116

Room 234 (Senate House)
Saturday 26 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
09:30 Institute of English Studies Nineteenth Century Studies Graduate Workshop

A day for graduate students from London and beyond to share their work in all aspects of 19th Century Studies in a supportive, collegial environment. With confirmed keynote and plenary speakers …

The Court Room (Senate House, first floor)
Monday 28 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
09:00 Institute of Historical Research An Introduction to Oral History

This 11-week course on Monday afternoons is for beginners and those who wish to develop their interviewing skills. It introduces all the practical and technical skills necessary to conduct interviews for …

Senate House
14:15 Warburg Institute Arabic Philosophy

The class meets on Mondays at 2.15 at the Warburg Institute. Participants should have a basic reading knowledge of Arabic.

If you wish to attend please contact Prof. Charles

Warburg Institute
17:00 Institute of Musical Research Directions in Musical Research seminar
Room 104 (Senate House, first floor)
17:30 Institute of English Studies Paper, Pen and Ink: Manuscript Cultures in Early Modern England

Book History and Bibliography Research Seminar

Room 234 (Senate House)
17:30 Institute of Classical Studies Roman Art Seminar

Utility and bravura: supports in Roman marble statues

Room 264 (Senate House, second floor)
18:30 Institute of Modern Languages Research 'Cal' (José Luís Peixoto)

Tertúlia Reading Group Seminar (Convenor: Maria-José Homem)          

Blank Gaze (transl. Richard Zenith)

José, a taciturn shepherd, sees his happiness slowly crumble away as 'the Devil' tells him he is being cuckolded. Old Gabriel, …

STB2 (Stewart House, basement)
Tuesday 29 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
09:00 Institute of Historical Research History after Hobsbawm: a conference on the current trajectories of history

A major international conference, with plenary speakers and large parallel sessions, exploring where the study of history is currently heading. The conference draws inspiration from the capacious legacy of the late …

Senate House
16:15 Warburg Institute Latin Paleography Reading Group
Warburg Institute
16:30 Institute of Classical Studies ICLS Reception Seminar (Trivium)

The Performance Paradigm

Room 246 (Senate House)
18:00 Institute of Latin American Studies The Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal: Dream or Reality?
The Senate Room (Senate House, First Floor)
Wednesday 30 April 2014
Time Institute Title Venue
09:00 Institute of Historical Research Explanatory Paradigms: An Introduction to Historical Theory

A critical introduction to current approaches to historical explanation, taught on Wednesday evenings by Professor John Tosh, Dr John Seed and Professor Sally Alexander. Each session will examine a different explanatory …

Senate House
09:00 Institute of Historical Research Further Medieval and Renaissance Latin

A third course, carrying on from the first two IHR Medieval and Renaissance Latin courses,to round out students’ grasp of the language and allow them to tackle more advanced Latin texts. …


Man standing and looking at sunset through barbed wire fence

Bursaries are available for the longest-running interdisciplinary, practice-oriented human rights MA programme in the UK.



Parkour athlete sitting on Senate House roof reading a book

This November, the School, in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the British Academy, will stage the UK’s first national festival of the humanities.




Social Scholar - Online learning: Developing trends

19th March 2014

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