Documents of Shakespearean Performance: Stage, Page and Manuscript in Early Modern England

Organised by The Open University’s Book History Research Group and the Institute of English Studies, University of London.

Since the publication of Tiffany Stern’s groundbreaking Shakespeare in Parts (2007) and Documents of Performance in Early Modern England (2009), the question of how Shakespeare’s plays were transmitted from manuscript to print has reemerged as central to discussions of Shakespeare and the book. This series will assess Stern’s ideas from a range of perspectives, and discuss such issues as: how did early modern manuscript practices affect the transmission of Shakespeare’s plays? How did the idea of a “Shakespeare apocrypha” emerge, and what relationship did this idea have with early modern play-writing practices? How mobile were individual pieces of text (songs, for instance) between plays in the early modern theatre, and what material remains have these instances of textual mingling left behind?

Organiser: Dr Edmund King, Research Fellow, The Reading Experience Database, 1450-1945 (RED), E-mail: 
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All meetings Mondays 5.30-7.30pm in Room 234, Senate House 2nd Floor.