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Friday 3 October 2014

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18:00 The Charles Peake Ulysses Seminar
On the 3rd of October, the seminar will resume with Chapter 7, 'Aeolus', line 161: "A typesetter brought him a limp galleypage."

Saturday 4 October 2014

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11:00 Modernism Seminar
Maps and Charts    
Randall Stevenson (Edinburgh): Innumerable Circles. . . Chaos and Eternity': Conrad, Modernism and the Maritimes Elza Adamowitz (Qu...

Monday 6 October 2014

Time Title
17:15 London Shakespeare Seminar
The first meeting of the London Shakespeare Seminar of the new academic year will feature papers from Eric Rasmussen (co-editor of the RS...
Eric Rasmussen (University of Nevada): The Most Interesting Renaissance Woman You've Never Heard Of   Reiko Oya (Keio Univers...

Thursday 9 October 2014

Time Title
18:30 London Theatre Seminar
Naturalist Theatre and the Problem of Homosexuality
Dan Rebellato (Royal Holloway University of London)  

Friday 10 October 2014

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18:00 Ezra Pound Cantos Reading Group

Saturday 11 October 2014

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09:00 Dickens Day 2014: Dickens and Conviviality
Dickens Day, now in its 28th year, is looking at how conviviality features in Dickens’s life and work.  Dickens’s works...
14:00 Contemporary Fiction Research Seminar
'Scores & Scripts: New Comic Art'.  Which comes first, the story or the pictures? Five comics creators discuss narrative, notation a...
John Miers, John Riordan, Woodrow Phoenix, Gary Northfield, and Kripa Joshi

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Time Title
17:30 Medieval Manuscripts Seminar
Charming a Sacred Book: the Matthew Portrait and Irish Incantations in St Gall Codex 1395
Dr Carol A. Farr (Independent scholar, formerly University of Alabama, Huntsville)
18:00 Book Collecting Seminar
A History of the Twentieth Century in 100 Maps  
Tim Bryars and Tom Harper

Wednesday 15 October 2014

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18:00 Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar

Thursday 16 October 2014

Time Title
18:00 The Annual Wordsworth Lecture
Professor Fiona Stafford (Oxford): 'Wordsworth and the Meaning of Trees' From the 'Sylvan Wye' by Tintern Abbey to the 'leafy glen' in '...
Fiona Stafford

Friday 17 October 2014

Time Title
17:30 London Nineteenth Century Studies Seminar

Saturday 18 October 2014

Time Title
14:00 EMPHASIS (Early Modern Philosophy and the Scientific Imagination)
Political Economy and the Making of Experimental Science in Seventeenth-Century England
Koji Yamamoto (King's College London)

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Time Title
17:30 Contemporary Cultures of Writing Seminar
Historical fiction today  What are the new developments in writing historical fiction? Is literary historical fiction itself a sub-...
Michael Green (Professor in English and Creative Writing, University of Northumbria) 

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Time Title
17:30 London Old and Middle English Research Seminar (LOMERS)
Youthful Ingenuity
Patricia Ingham (Indiana University)

Thursday 23 October 2014

Time Title
18:00 Media History Seminar
The Mahout on the Elephant: John Murray’s Paratexts In his influential study of the paratext, Gerard Genette describes the impor...
Professor Bill Bell (Cardiff University & The University of Goettingen)  

Friday 24 October 2014

Time Title
Celebrating Chinua Achebe's Legacy: "Arrow of God" at 50
An international conference to commemorate Chinua Achebe’s work and influence, and to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the publicat...
18:00 Irish Studies Seminar

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Time Title
18:00 Literary London Reading Group
Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners (1956)
Dr. Kate Houlden (LJMU)

Wednesday 29 October 2014

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18:00 Theory Now
Dr. Amit Rai (Queen Mary): The Productive Body.