POSTPONED International Refugee Law seminar series: Humanity and Legality - Rights of Refugees and Legal Mobilisation

Professor Colin Harvey, Queen’s University Belfast

22 January 2013, 17:30 - 20:00

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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Charles Clore House
17 Russell Square



The aim of this seminar is to raise questions about mobilisation around law for the protection and promotion of the rights of refugees. The tension between 'status' and a law of humanity that focuses on the human person is well known - the risk that the rights of the person 'as person' can become meaningless in the face of fierce political, economic, social and other pressures and threats. The intention here is to begin to ask how rights are deployed and used in the context of the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, and what this might tell us about a form of legality that stands in defence of 'personhood'.

Colin Harvey is Professor of Human Rights Law, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast. He is a member of the Academic Panel at Doughty Street Chambers in London. In 2011, he was appointed by the UK Higher Education Funding Councils to the Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014) Panel for Law, and to the REF2014 Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel. He served as Head of the Law School at Queen’s (2007-2012), as a member of Senate (2010-2012) and as Director of the Human Rights Centre (2005-2008). He also served on the Northern Ireland Higher Education Council (2002-2006), and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (2005-2011). He has published extensively on human rights.  He is the General Editor of Human Rights Law in Perspective published by Hart Publishing, Oxford (a new book series he founded in 2001). He is on the editorial board of Human Rights Law Review, European Human Rights Law Review, Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly and is the Case Editor for the International Journal of Refugee Law

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