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National Security and Public Health: Exceptions to Human Rights?

29 May 2014, 11:00 - 18:00

Keynote Speaker:  Professor Malcolm Dando, Professor of International Security, University of Bradford.  Other Speakers: Dr Dina Hadad; Dr Myriam Feinberg; Solon Solomon; Dimitrios Kagiaros; Professor Jonathan Hafetz;   Dr Brigit Toebes;  Dr Laura Niada; Dr Simisola Akintola; Dr Dobrochna Bach-Golecka; Professor Joachim Sanden and Dr Sacha-Dominik Bachmann; Dr Andraz Zidar.   Chairs: Dr Peter Lee, Dr John Coggon.
Organised by:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Event Type:
Conference / Symposium
Venue Details:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Charles Clore House
17 Russell Square


Keynote Speaker:  Professor Malcolm Dando, Professor of International Security, University of Bradford, on  "Threats of dual use biomedical research - when national security and public health collide".


  • Chair:  Dr Peter Lee
  • Dr Myriam Feinberg: "Conflicts of Sovereignty in International Counterterrorism: the Kadi Case"
  • Dr Dina Hadad: "States of Exception and National Security: Exceptional Threat vs. Exceptional Rights"
  • Solon Solomon: "National Security Debates in the Framework of Israeli Constitutionalism"
  • Dimitrios Kagiaros: "The Assessment of Damage to National Security in Disclosures from Whistleblowers in the Security and Intelligence Community in the UK"
  • Professor Jonathan Hafetz: "Detention at Sea: The Persistence of Territorial Constraints on Constitutional Rights in National Security Cases"


  • Chair: Dr John Coggon
  • Dr Brigit Toebes: “The Right to Health, National Security and Public Health: An Uneasy Relationship”
  • Dr Laura Niada: “Individual v public health in the human right to medicines: the problematic identification of ‘essential medicines’”
  • Dr Simisola Akintola: “Public Health versus Human Rights: An examination of the tensions between Individual Rights and Public Health in Biobanking Research”
  • Dr Dobrochna Bach-Golecka: “Public Health and Private Health: The Impact of EU Law on Healthcare in the Member States”
  • Professor Joachim Sanden and Dr Sacha-Dominik Bachmann: "The Right to Liberty and Security, Public Health and Disease Control"
  • Dr Andraz Zidar: "WHO International Health Regulations, the Rule of Law and the Protection of International Human Rights"

Conference Convenors:  Dr Myriam Feinberg and Dr Laura Niada.

For a copy of the Conference Programme, please click here

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENTS:   For on-line booking and payments, please click here

  • Registration Fee for 29 May:  
  • Full Rate: £75.00
  • Students: £40.00.

For further information and developments, see the separate Conference website at:  www.rightsandexceptions.webs.com

For a copy of the Call for Papers, click here

The IALS acknowledges with gratitude the support of the Human Rights Consortium, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

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