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Copyright and Digital Media - the view from Japan

20 March 2013, 14:30 - 17:30

Chair: Jonathan Griffiths, Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London; Professor Tatsuhiro Ueno, Rikkyo University, Japan; Associate Professor Ryu Kojima, Kyushu University, Japan; Dr Toshiya Kaneko, Meiji University, Japan; Senior Fellow Dr Kazuhiro Ando, Waseda University, Japan; Dr Tetsuya Imamura, Associate Professor, Meiji University, Japan; Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, and others to be confirmed.
Organised by:
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Charles Clore House
17 Russell Square


Chair: Jonathan Griffiths, Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London;

  • Professor Tatsuhiro Ueno, Rikkyo University - "Copyright Law in the "Cloud" Environment: Should services such as online video recorder and music locker be considered as copyright infringement?"
  • Associate Professor Ryu Kojima, Kyushu University - "The Role of Public Libraries in an Era of Digital Publishing". 
  • Dr Toshiya Kaneko, Meiji University - "Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Japan". 
  • Dr Kazuhiro Ando, Senior Fellow, Waseda University - "Right of Book Publishers under Japanese Law". 
  • Dr Tetsuya Imamura, IALS Visiting Fellow - "The Emerging Legislative Discussion on New Neighboring Rights for Publishers". 

Professor Ueno examines current problems in the "cloud" environment with regard to the making available right, by reviewing the differences in the substantive scope of the making available right as implemented in national laws, and by referring to current developments in Japanese case-law.

Associate Professor Kojima discusses digital publishing mainly from the perspective of copyright and cultural policy, focusing on the role of publishers and libraries.

Dr Kaneko is concerned with copyright infringement in Japan and will speak about statistics on the criminal enforcement of copyright, the Winny case, ratification of ACTA and the issue of ex officio criminal enforcement for copyright.

Dr Ando explains rights of book publishers under the Japanese Copyright Act and contents of the contracts between writers and publishers, comparing to those in the United States. He will also talk about a current debate about whether a neighbouring right should be given to publishers in Japan to protect them from growing online piracy.

Dr Imamura discusses the emerging discussion on the potential introduction of new neighbouring rights for publishers in Japan. Recently, Japanese publishers have lobbied to establish new rights with regard to rights/neighbouring rights in books. Debates over the pros and cons of establishing such new rights or of extending their existing rights will be considered.

This event is FREE but those wishing to attend should register in advance. To register, please use the automatic form below.

Organised by: Queen Mary, University of London;  Intellectual Property Law and Policy Institute (IPLPI) at Meiji University, Japan; and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

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